The Mission of Classified Senate

“The mission of Classified Senate is to participate effectively in the formation of college policy and procedures. The Classified Senate expresses the view of classified professionals in the shared governance process, excluding all areas of Collective Bargaining.”

  • We want to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas among classified professionals, faculty, and administrators
  • Maintain our commitment to the vision, mission, and core values of Fullerton College
  • Encourage classified professionals involvement in campus committees
  • Voice classified needs, concerns, viewpoints and recommendations on college issues
  • Promote the recognition of classified professionals as a valued part of the college workforce

Current Objectives:

  • Educating the campus on Classified Senate purpose
  • Increase information sharing amongst shared governance committees
  • Creating a welcome for newly hired classified employees
  • Restart the Classified Employee Mentorship Program
  • Collaborate with Faculty and Student Senates for the “Kindness Campaign”

Classified Senate Constitution (PDF)

Classified Senate Bylaws (PDF)

Where is Classified Senate represented?

  • President’s Advisory Council (PAC) – serves as the central participatory governance council, functioning as the institution’s primary recommending body for decision-making and planning. The structure and nature of the President’s Advisory Council are to facilitate its interactions with all institutional constituencies. The planning role is enhanced by its familiarity with all functions of the college, ensuring both a knowledgeable and integrated perspective.

  • Bookstore Advisory Committee – The purpose of the Bookstore Advisory Committee is to discuss bookstore issues as they relate to the campus community, with a primary focus on textbook issues.

  • Staff Development – oversees campus-wide staff development activities. In addition, the committee determines campus staff development policies; provides oversight to and facilitates the utilization of the Teaching Effectiveness Center; determines staff development priorities and provides materials and workshops based on survey results; determines programs and workshops for funding; disseminates staff development funds, and communicates regularly with constituent groups.

  • Student Success Committee –  provides leadership,  advocacy,  and the institutional  guidance and  vision for  coordinating campus‐wide  student success  efforts affecting  basic skills,  transfer,  Career  Technical  Education,  completion,  diversity and equity  at  Fullerton  College. With the support and collaboration of the entire campus community, the committee will investigate issues, gather and share information and data, consult with constituencies, and serve as a repository of knowledge and the catalyst for student success and completion activities on campus. Engaging in this process, the SSC will prioritize and offer solutions, recommend resources, and evaluate effectiveness using appropriate indicators of student success. Each member of the committee is assigned to a workgroup that meets at least once a month. Meeting times for the workgroups are determined by the members.

  • Students of Distinction Committee –  reviews applications of qualified candidates from four categories: Academic Achievement, Service Achievement, Competitive Achievement, and Personal Achievement. The committee also selects two students with the highest scores overall are awarded Distinguished Student of the Year.

  • Accreditation Standards Workgroups 

Honoring Classified Staff

At the end of Fall and Spring semester, Classified Senate recognizes one classified professional with the Classified Recognition Award.

The recipient is nominated by administrators, faculty, staff, or students. They represent a classified professional who has demonstrated outstanding job performance, a positive attitude, and has shown exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills in his/her area, and across the Fullerton College campus as a whole.

The winners of the Fall and Spring Classified Recognition Award are then considered for the Classified Professional of the Year Award.

Past Award Recipients: 

  • ‘06 – ‘07: Anita Ward (Fall) & AeYoung Kim-Shepard (Spring)
  • ‘07 – ‘08: Tish Ball (Fall) & Lisa Gomber (Spring)
  • ‘08 – ‘09: Catherine Parks (Fall) & Rena Negrete (Spring)
  • ‘09 – ‘10: Greg Menchaca (Fall) & Juan Cuevas (Spring)
  • ‘10 – ‘11: Carol Rehfield (Fall) & Cynthia Sands (Spring)
  • ‘11 – ‘12: Linda Millikan (Fall) & Darin Acierno (Spring)
  • ‘12 – ‘13: Layna Santana (Fall) & Sandy March (Spring)
  • ‘13 – ’14: Efrain Villanueva (Fall) & Lou Kavanaugh (Spring)
  • ‘14 – ‘15: Les-Sie’ Crockrom (Fall) & Jim McKamy (Spring)
  • ’15 – ’16: Charlesworth Fraser (Fall) & Linda Millikan (Spring)

2016 Fall Nominees 

  • Fred Aguilar, Maintenance & Operations
  • Armando Balderas, Campus Safety
  • Jonathan Brown, Campus Safety
  • Carlos Cano, Campus Safety
  • David Cook, Academic Support Center (2016 Award Recipient) 
  • Antionese Cotton, EOPS/CARE
  • Maia Cox, Academic Support Center
  • Lisa Funaoka, Admissions & Records
  • Elizabeth Guzman,
  • Sharon Howard, Admissions & Records
  • Kim Louie Jeu, Admissions & Records
  • Karen McDowell, Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Merchant, Counseling/Career & Life Planning
  • Miguel Miranda, Facilities
  • Carol Rehfield, Humanities
  • Layna Santana, Mailroom
  • Jeanette Sorenson, Library/LRISPS
  • Laurie Triefenbach, Office of VP Instruction – Catalog/Schedule
  • Anita Ward, Physical Education
  • Deborah West, Campus Safety

2017 Spring Nominees 

  • Mike Acierno, Facilities
  • Gary Alamo, M & O
  • Wendy Bailey, Library/ LRISPS
  • Blanca Dobson, Disability Support Services
  • Lisa Funaoka, Admissions & Records
  • Jose Guardado, ACT
  • Bambi Guzman, Admissions & Records
  • Nitzya Hamblet, President’s Office
  • Debbie Horrocks, Natural Sciences
  • Sharon Howard, Admissions & Records
  • Karen McDowell, Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Merchant, Counseling-Career &  Life Planning
  • Jefferson Miller, M & O
  • Miguel Miranda, Facilities
  • John Pagano,  M & O
  • Carol Rehfield, Humanities
  • Eric Sands, M & O
  • Amy Shrack, Humanities (2017 Award Recipient)
  • Jeanette Sorensen, Library/LRISPS
  • Michelle Tafoya, Counseling
  • Tracy Thackrah, Technology & Engineering
  • Dave Weiner, M & O
  • Carolyn Whelchel, Campus Communications